10 Dank Facts About Weed Socks

“Weed Socks, HUF Socks or just plain boring socks, are- without shadow of a doubt– the primary piece of clothing to place on your feet and then follow “shoes”, “boots” or “carpet slippers”. Isn’t it amazing?!”

FACT: Weed Socks were invented by Edmund Danksock during a smoking session.
Prior to Sir Danksock’s intervention, stoners could not worship the cannabis plant with there socks.

FACT: The world’s most pricey weed socks are the ₤ 30m Dank Moonrock socks, woven with valuable gems and gold thread. They are– however– entirely worthless as its makers created a set of weed socks without the iconic weed leaf.

FACT: The world’s leading weed sock producer Huf Socks bit the dust after an unfortunate strategy to offer socks in 3s to cannabis enthusiasts. The additional sock they later explained was in case one got lost. Puzzled stoners simply left them on the shelf triggering the biggest sock marking disaster in weed sock history.

FACT: Stoners are currently queuing outside various dispensaries for the brand-new THC-Sock, which is set to change the cannabis industry. The business declares the dank socks will be infused with THC. Eliminating the requirement to smoke weed to get high, however critics state the strong weed scent can be smelled from 300 meters away.

TIP: To prevent losing weed socks, just connect them to a 100 m piece of rope. Simply yank the rope to pull your socks back in case they get lost in an parallel universe or your washing machine.

FACT: The peak time for purchasing weed socks is 10 minutes prior to the stores close on Christmas Eve. Numerous stoners are uninformed that weed socks are readily available to buy throughout the year from this fabulous website.

FACT: Why have the following dead dictators all got in common? Mao Tse-Tung– Adolf Hitler– Mu’ammar al-Qadaffi– Josef Stalin. WHITE SOCKS. Reason enough to buy some weed socks.

TRUTH: Human evolution implies that weed socks will need to be upgraded to represent an additional toe by the year 5,000,000.

TRUTH: The cheese odor in socks comes not from human germs being entered the product (as so-called ‘researchers’ and ‘physicians’ claim), however from the weed socks Fairy who comes at night and rubs his foul-smelling cheese into your socks. The Weed Sock Fairy doubles up as the Tooth Fairy, this explains perfectly why you typically get up with a crusty weed sock under your pillow.